"Live" Concerts/Events

A popular way that many of our brand clients have leveraged the impressive digital power of the “TSD360 Super Screen Network™” is via live streaming broadcast or rebroadcast of concerts, speeches, or events that take place across the United States, Canada, or worldwide.

WIND™ enabled concerts and events allow your client the advantage of in-sync sound, combined with the bold visual imagery of your brand on one or more of the signs in the Square.

Through the introduction of our SOUNDcloud-TSQ™ package, we are the first to successfully enable the synchronized transmission of live sound to the screens in Times Square. Your event or concert, when broadcast on one or more of our networked screens, may be packaged in conjunction with a live event, which can take place in a Times Square Broadway pedestrian plaza, Military Island, or Father Duffy Square.

The proprietary WINDbroadcast™ service technology can power your brand’s sponsor-driven content from Facebook or Twitter posts, or from any social media viral engagement, from a tablet or iPad, directly up to one or more of the screens in our network.

(see our CASE STUDIES tab – Microsoft Windows 8 Launch)

All the Screens in Times Square - In Sync™ 

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