Road Block

A digital roadblock in Times Square is defined by taking over solid blocks of uninterrupted time on one or more screens.  One screen, twenty screens, or any combination, can be configured as your TSD360 Brand Roadblock. 

An OOH digital roadblock can effectively target specific dayparts, or a defined geographic event footprint, anywhere in the Square, or anywhere in the World!. The impact of multiple screens, working in-sync, is an eye-catching experience that is visually arresting for your brand.

Just imagine your brand  messaging turning heads and stopping traffic, while moving seamlessly in-sync, from one screen to the next, as your target consumer is captivated on the street below.  Add in Brand Ambassadors wearing your brand colors, and throw in an a la carte WINDsync™ Social Media package, combined with our proprietary  SOUNDcloud-TSQ™, powered by WIND™, and your brand will literally “Rock the Square” for your entire Road Block window.

Interested in taking over Times Square for a day…… or two?    Then call us and let us show you how we can help you do it!


All the Screens in Times Square - In Sync™ 

TSD360 SuperCreen Network